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Who We Are


At Bay Street Design Co., we obsess over creating inspiring spaces.

We love interesting coffee table books, epic photos, one-of-a-kind furniture, and mixing natural and urban design elements. Nature soothes us, while cities get our blood flowing. We believe our living and working spaces should feel alive, well-curated and reflective of who we are. Passed down and collected, while also new and fresh. Clean and comfortable while always sentimental. A lot of casual, with a hint of elegance and just the right touch of both masculine and feminine.  Landscape meets skyline, modern meets antique.  All of these elements in rightful balance, that’s us.

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Dougie (yes, that’s what he goes by) and Kassie Fowler are the creative directors and lead designers of Bay Street Design Co. They have a passion for transforming spaces and creating experiences. 

Living in the DC Metro area, Dougie and Kassie have 3 boys and no dogs, because who can keep up with boys and dogs? They live among woods but work in urban spaces.  On any given day you can find them traveling, designing, photo-shooting, creating, dreaming, laughing and trying to keep their kids from farting at the dinner table.

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What We Do


Bay Street Shop

Our quest to find unique home decor that brings dull spaces into new life has birthed a shop to share our carefully curated pieces. While art photography is our signature collection, we’re always on the hunt for non-mainstream, stylish gems of all kinds. We also love to highlight local artists, companies with causes, and ethically sourced materials. Our hope at Bay Street Design Co. is that the exchange of your money for our work and your home happiness transcends this transaction. We want to serve the people and causes behind the design. Isn’t that what design is really for? Together, we can impact those we care about in our homes and beyond. Shop Now


Our design software and seamless process allow us to style from anywhere our clients may be. All we need are some photos, a budget, a call, and we can get to work designing the space of your dreams. We send inspo boards, source lists, floor-plans, and instructions to help ease the process along, all while you’re at work or tackling your to-do list or wrangling the kids. E-design is an accessible, efficient process to get you unstuck and loving your home.

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Bay Street worked hard to tap into my style and was so patient with me throughout the whole process. As designers, they really listened to my concerns, provided multiple solutions, and each room turned out better than what I had envisioned.
— Debbie - Homeowner